Fixed Assets Verification

Fixed Assets represent a significant investment in any balance sheet of a business. Healthy fixed asset management yields accuracy in financial statements, significant tax savings and robust internal control.

At Oditify, we assist our clients in creation and regular maintenance of the fixed asset register and provides superior Fixed Asset Verification & Tagging Services to organizations across all industries as the first step to implement effective Asset Management. Capturing & tagging of the Fixed Assets information through Barcode number helps maintaining Description; Location; Fixed Asset Class; Departments and Cost Centre’s and Serial numbers in a concise form. This helps in knowing exactly what assets you currently have, where these assets are located and how these assets are changing over time and allows a company to keep track of details of each fixed asset, ensuring control and preventing misappropriation of assets.

Benefits of fixed asset verification and tagging –
• Regular monitoring and tracking of assets;
• Reduction in theft;
• Saves time and money;
• Correct reporting in financial records;
• Enhanced monitoring for movement between locations &
• Enables efficient resource allocation